Boehm's Cafe Specialty Foods offers gourmet food items of traditional Americana cuisine. 

 (pictured from left, Sassy Mary's Cinnamon Sauce™ & Cinnamon Jelly, Eel River Relish™, Healthy Garlic™, and Hot Zooks!™)

These foods are All-American originals, and were staples of Boehm's Cafe, a small roadside diner founded in the small northern California farming town of Pepperwood, in Humboldt County, in 1945 by Emil and Mary Boehm.  The diner served road-weary travelers from all parts with hearty standards such as hamburgers, roasts, pancakes, soups and berry pies.  It was a family affair.  Their daughter, Joy Boehm, would peel potatoes and serve customers.  The cafe was washed away in a flood in 1964, but now many years later, Joy has returned to Humboldt County and re-established the family cafe through a line of special foods created by her parents.  Boehm's Cafe lives on through these delicious relishes, pickles and sauces. 

Bon Appetite!

  Boehm's Cafe (1945-1964)