All Boehm's Cafe products are produced and canned locally by hand in a Certified Kitchen in Humboldt County, California.



This is the first product I started with back in 2003.  This tangy tomato relish is perfect for hamburgers, roast beef, roast/pulled pork, hot dogs, chicken, turkey, pork/lamb chops, ham, in tuna salad, with meat loaf, on cream cheese with crackers and more.  Click Here!



This Cinnamon Sauce is actually a light cinnamon syrup that my mother Mary Boehm made for her old-fashioned apple dumplings.  It is also very good in drinks: hot or cold tea, coffee, with vodka, as a Cin-tini (martini) or with champagne.  It is delicious over French Toast, apple, pie or ice cream.  Click Here!



Healthy Garlic™ is made with whole cloves of fresh garlic in a light sweet vinegar brine, with assorted veggies, pickling spices, chiles and salt and is delicious chopped in gravy, mashed potatoes, in soups, stews or salads.  Click Here!



Hot Zooks!™ are zucchini wedges in a light sweet vinegar brine, flavored with red Chilis, cayenne, spices and garlic.  Click Here!


Boehm's Cafe is also proud to offer a sampler of each of these items in an 8 oz. size (Eel River Relish™, Sassy Mary's Cinnamon Sauce™, Healthy Garlic™, and Hot Zooks!™).  Click Here

Sassy Mary's Apple Dumplings Kit

Sassy Mary's Apple Dumpling Kit has almost everything you need to make Apple Dumplings with Sassy Mary's Cinnamon Sauce™.  Click Here!